How to Set Up Alerts

There are a few things you want to keep in mind when setting up alerts. Think as a PAIR in Profit Trailer as the signal WILL buy that pair more than once In most cases. You want to make sure you are not running to many pairs at once or you will use up your balance to quickly and not be able to make enough buys if there is a large market change.

Here is a good starting point to get a rough idea of how many signals you may want to run at a time depending on your balance:

Default Syntax Code (Message)

e=binance s=ONTBTC b=buy u=currency q=0.00175 t=limit p=0.75%

e=binance s=ONTBTC b=buy delay=40 c=order

What each code means:



b=buy (don't change)

u=currency (don't change)

q=this is the size of the buy order you want to be placed each signal (must be slightly above the exchange minimum)

t=type of order to place on the exchange

p=percentage to overbid the ask price on the orderbooks

How it should look in Trading View